sister sue...

one of many nicknames...

Most of the time I call her sis (That is what my dad calls me)

She loves bubbles!  Can you tell?  Most of the time I can't get her out of the house without her bubble wand!  Silly girl...



Do you ever just stop and take in the moments?

All of them?

This is a new goal for me.  
You see... My current habits consist of me having a desire to be in control of everything down to how the silly dishwasher gets loaded - YES I CAN be that anal.  But you know what... I have finally decided that it's exhausting to want to be in control of EVERYTHING!  :)

Really tho.  I am trying to relax more and enjoy my life with not only my hub but also my 3 little girls.  I don't want to miss out on any more moments only to gain a clean house which will only get destroyed in a matter of minutes.  (Now I'm not saying I'm going to let my self or house go... LOL)

Right now my life isn't about ME (will it ever be? )  - It's about my family.  
I need to be a million times better at remembering this.
I want my girls to remember me as the mommy who played dolls, colored, read books, day dreamed, danced, taught, laughed at all their silly jokes, and as the mommy who loves them. 

Here's to life's moments.  

Now you might be asking yourself...
1 - What is a flutterbye?
My definition is this: A flutterbye is any moment in life that shouldn't pass (or flutter by) us.  These can be moments of love, family, hobbies, friends, memories... really anything in life.  
2 - Where did this word flutterbye come from?
I have been truly inspired by my 2 year old.  A few months ago when we were talking about butterflies she got talking a million miles a minute in her Larkyn language (half english half gibberish) and she accidentally called the butterfly a flutterbye LOL.  Ever since then its been on my mind.  And here we are!

Welcome to my new blog...
My flutterbyes!

This weeks goal: make a memory jar!