a new day...

I try not to blog about too many of my problems... where's the fun in that right?? 

This time its different... a little bad but nothing terrible... MOSTLY GREAT tho!

So since I had my girls I haven't quite felt like myself... It's hard to explain exactly how I have been feeling but I just knew something was off.  I am very aware of my body.  

Here is what life has been like...
tired a lot, brittle hair, anxiety, restless nights, sometimes my heart would hurt, I couldn't lose weight no matter what I tried, and several other little things.  Everyone would just tell me its because I'm a mom, I try to do too much, I have twins, and my age... No it was more than that.  I could tell something needed to change. 

So after months and months of trying to become healthy and failing I decided to see a Dr.  I honestly thought my thyroid was out of wack or something.  Reading online (which isn't always the best :) I had all the symptoms for hypothyroidism.  I am not one that likes to just go to the Dr.  So keep that in mind.  I appreciate modern day medicine for a lot of things, but I often feel like too many Dr's just push prescriptions instead of finding a solution.   

Well at my initial appointment we went over how I have been feeling.  How discouraged I was getting.  He decided to draw some blood and run several tests.  

I went back this last Friday to go over my results.  
Thyroid fine... Great news! 
Vitamin D low (like most Utahns), bad cholesterol high, good cholesterol low, and sugars way too high... my pancreas was working way too hard.  

So he decided to put me on a pretty strict diet.  I wanted to scream!!  Really a diet?!?

But after he started explaining everything to me it made sense!  Holy shmokes!!  

I needed to reset my fat thermostat!  Catchy right?!?

So I started his plan Friday... 3 days ago at lunch time.  Since then I have lost over 6 lbs and I am starting to feel better than ever!!   I have more energy!  I feel happier!! I can already feel my body getting rid of all the toxins.  My heart doesn't beat like its going to explode... my anxiety has come down... It really is working!!  For me it's not just about losing weight... it's about feeling and being healthier.  BUT hey if you want to lose a few extra lbs this will work for you :)

It's amazing how food affects everything in our bodies.  It can throw all of our hormones off which will throw everything else off.  Even if one thing is off the slightest bit it will affect us.  

So you are probably wondering what the secret is...  And I will share!  Keep in mind that everyone's body is different and our needs are different as well.  

A lot of what I am eating follows the Paleo Diet.  I had never heard of this until Friday.  BUT my Dr did change a few things for me because of my needs.  Honestly before starting a diet you really should consult with your Dr.  Anyway... you can look up Paleo diet.  If you  need help I will gladly sit down with you and go over all of it or you can call my Dr. and he will do the same for you.  One of the things that I was impressed with is that he didn't just try to prescribe things to "fix" me... he really sat down and evaluated my body's needs.  Oh and the whole grain thing... well for me right now I'm not eating any.  I go back in 3 months and we will evaluate everything again.  Eventually I will be able to bring grains back into my life... but I will not overdue it

Oh and something interesting is that my whole egg incident a month ago was most likely because of grains.  So he challenged me to eat eggs again.  I think it will be a while before I do that... I am scared to get that pain again. BUT when I do it will be interesting to see what happens. 

Here is what I eat. 
A LOT of meat and veggies.  Low sugars so only 1 or 2 pieces of fruit each day.  NO Grains, NO sweets.  Well I have been treating myself to dark chocolate at the end of each day to kind of reward myself.  Plus dark chocolate is safe to eat!  :)  

There are some simple things to do as well.  Like taking 10 deep breaths every hour and a few others.  

It's all about our bodies being too stressed because of what we eat and our every day stresses contributing.  

If you want more specific details let me know.  I don't really have the time to blog about every little thing... 

BUT it really is a new day! 


snow day... well sort of

Larkyn and I decided to go shovel some walks today...  (do I totally sound like a Utahn?? haha!) 

It turned into a mini session of her!  AND she loved every minute of the picture taking!!  It's been a while since I took and edited some pictures of my own child... it was sooo fun!   I think I'll do this more often :)  

So a little bit about Larkyn... 
She loves water!  To play in it that is!!  Anytime she sees a puddle she has to jump in it to make a splash.  Well today was perfect for that since the snow was so wet and is melting super fast!