100 things....

100 correction 50 things about ME!!  Maybe you knew... maybe you didn't...  muahahahaha! 

1-  Lucky number 1?  My favorite digits are 3, 7 or 13.  I have a thing for odd numbers!  
2- Speaking of having a thing ... I have a thing for squares 
3- Color - I am a lover of color!  I love blues - almost any shade BUT I believe in pink and there is no shame in that!
4- Believe in Pink?  Yes when I lived in Florida and when I was much much thinnner I was told I resembled Audrey Hepburn... ALL THE TIME!  I didn't know who she was... about 10 years ago I discovered this feminine and fashion icon.  She is stunning!  
5- I am a horrible blogger!  I always say I am going to be better... but anyone who knows me understands how busy I am :-)
6- Busy?  I am a busy wife, mother, friend, business owner, church going woman who can't ever pass up an adventure, craft or start a fun new hobby!
7- I am currently working my way into the fashion industry... maybe one day I'll blog about that.  
8- I fell in love with photography years ago.  My first film camera was hot pink!  I think I was 6 when my mom bought it... she probably had no idea that I could go through so much film.  Thanks technology for revolutionizing this industry.  I actually have a love for film photography... it's genuine and hard to fake.  
9- I believe in FATE and that there are no coincidences in life.  The people we meet and the things we do everyday shape us into who we are.  
10- I am great with names...  It probably scares people sometimes when I remember their names... but it is one of my talents
11- I love having friends!  Not necessarily a lot of them but good, real friends.  If I feel that having you in my life would be beneficial then chances are.... we are friends.  
12- ah Friends - I miss my friends in Florida.  I met some of the most genuine people there... and they all helped me find .... me.  
13- I would love to travel the world.... to see beautiful cities and to meet beautiful people of other cultures.  I love it when I see others kissing each others cheek when they greet them... would that be weird if I started that?  I guess consider that the warning.  haha.  If I ever try kissing your cheek you know why.  :-)
14- I wish I knew how to play the piano and the guitar 
15- I LOVE to sing in my shower or in my car ... really really loud.  I totally rock it too!  
16- A part of me is a science geek...  I am pretty sure this comes from my dad.  ha!  I love the science behind how things are made and I love the outcome.  One day I will hang a periodic table of elements in my house... framed!  ha!
17- I am a middle child... if and only if you count all the offspring from my father.  If not then I am the baby.  
18- I am sarcastic
19- I am an optimist... Logan is a realist... sometimes he has to bring me back to reality!!
20- I love vintage phones... for whatever reason.  Maybe it's the cord... or the fact that they look freakin' cool!
21- I am proud of you if you are still reading this post...
22- Cowgirl by day... city girl by night
23- A VERY big part of me... the dreamer part thinks it would be awesome to be a spy... or a CIA field agent... I love watching Mission Impossible, Mr. and Mrs. Smith... or any other movie that is spy action packed!  
24- I don't know how to decorate.  
25- If I had all the time and money I would do a million crafts or remodel projects
26- I am LDS... No I wasn't raised in the church but I am grateful for the path that I chose when I was 15 that brought me where I am today.  
27- I love it when people play with my hair.  Sometimes I will have Larkyn brush it... that is one benefit of having so many girls.  
28- I love old Ford Mustangs... I really really want to buy one!  My very fist date was in one of these... and she was a beauty.  
29- Do you think I will make it to 100?  I don't know if I am that interesting.  Maybe this was a mistake...
30- I recently found out that I love to iron clothes... not that I have much time... BUT if I did I would most likely iron EVERYTHING.  
31- Running is fun... its my release.  
32- I am so in love with my hub... he is amazing!  I don't know how I snagged such a great guy ... he puts up with a lot from me.  
33- I always forget to wear my retainer
34- I love painting walls... I have painted our house twice in the 6 years we have lived here.... live and learn.  
35- I want to have an amazing yard... and backyard.  
36- I can't bake to save my life.  Logan always teases me about the first batch of cookies I made him when we were dating... I mixed up baking soda with baking powder... No Bueno.  
37- I love stripes
38- At this moment I am thinking about painting my desk... white?  blue?  or yellow?  hmmm.
39- I have a disorder... anytime I see cute fabric or stationary I have to buy it!  I have a 2 huge totes in my basement of just fabric... piles randomly placed in my house... and there is probably some in my car.  I swear I have plans for all of it too!  :-)
40- I have always had a crush on George Clooney...  I don't have a poster of him in my closet or anything...  (ok maybe I do) ... he is just attractive.  Don't deny it... YOU think so too!!  
41- Celebrities?  I adore Zooey Deschanel.  When I got bangs everyone made fun of me for wanting to be like her... I was so embarrassed at first... but then I decided that I was over it. ha!
42- I love to compliment people
43- Meeting strangers is fun too
44- I have officially decided I am only going to 50 here
45- I cry when I think about my girls... I cry a lot.  Most of the time they are happy tears but when I get nervous or frustrated I cry.  Back to my girls... They all have a very special place in my heart.  They are all so different, talented, beautiful.  It hurts my feelings when people say mean things about them only because they are my girls.  I usually don't dwell on it... but sometimes I will catch myself tear up when they talk about how big their heads are, or how tall they are... so weird right.  Well... enough about that...
46- I love to shop.
47- I dream of having an organized home
48- Chili's chip and salsa... hands down my favorite thing to munch on... that and chocolate.  
49- I love to watch tv with my hub...  it's nice to sit down and relax together... even if the dishes haven't been done
50 - oh man... what to end with??  This is weird that I did this right... ??  My original plan was to go to 100... but I have a few things to do before I hit the sack... maybe one day I finish here.  Oh I know...  #50: I say y'all.  :-)