little of everything

little of everything

The Row striped top
$1,575 - net-a-porter.com

Wet Seal trench jacket
$40 - wetseal.com

Scotch & Soda loose fit jeans
€130 - scotch-soda.com

Volatile faux leather boots
$80 - zappos.com

Kimberly McDonald butterfly jewelry
£3,160 - brownsfashion.com

Dannijo teal jewelry
$223 - my-wardrobe.com

Isabel Marant scarve
€195 - shopmrsh.com

Ok ladies... YOU CAN ROCK IT!  

Don't mind my $1500 shirt selection for this board.  LOL.  I am sure you can find a knock off at J. Crew or possibly Old Navy ... Or feel free to splurge!  

Quick tip of the day... when you are wearing a lot of neutral colors... PLEASE oh PLEASE don't be afraid of adding some color!  I love this yellow scarf and the different shades of blue jewelry.  Mix it up a little.  With these jeans... let them sit above your boots.  Not all jeans need to be tucked in and these are perfect for this look!  :)   

Oh and before I forget... MIX up the patterns!  This can be a bit scary for some but as long as you have something with a bigger print and the other with a smaller print you really can't go wrong.   

Tootles -  


time flies...

I cannot believe it's really been 7 years!!
Time has flown by...

Don't you love how we look like we are 12 years old in our engagement pictures?  Ha!  I love this picture so much!  I wanted it to be the one we sent out with our announcement...  but naturally Logan did not like it.  He's lucky I'm so nice and didn't pitch too big of a fit over it!  LOL!  I have used a wallet size as my bookmark for the last 7 years so its a little beat up.  :)  I love remembering when, how, why and where we fell in love... this picture is a great reminder.  So the nights when Logan is driving me crazy and I open my book to see this reminder... I remember all the great and important things and everything we have together.  

I am such a lucky woman!  I am married to the most amazing husband!  He has put up with a lot from me (and vice versa.. wink wink) and no matter what he has always been kind and forgiven me of my many flaws.    AND he is literally one of the greatest father's I have ever seen!  I love to watch him play with our girls...  he is such a kid at heart and loves to play so it's so cute to watch the girls faces light up and also his!  He is such a hard working husband, daddy, neighbor and friend...  I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for him...  that is sooo cheesy to say... but it's the truth :)  Plus I kinda like cheesy!






Haylie Lyn Photography | LDS Temple Fine Art: Special Offer

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed NOW through Dec 3rd!!!! - YOWZA!

All prices include professional printing on canvas, mount, frame and personalization.  I have chosen a 4” Tuscan vintage style of frame (see below for image), but if there is a more preferred frame I am happy to change. 
Other sizes are available upon request and if you have a specific font you would like me to use for your personalization I am HAPPY to work with YOU!  :) 



12x30 :  $158

16x20 :  $149

20x30 :  $195

How to order:

Send an email to haylielynphoto@hotmail.com with the following:  referring blog, name, address, telephone, temple and size.  I will then send you an invoice via Paypal (safe and secure!!).  Once the invoice has been paid your order will be placed.  All items will generally ship within 7-10 business days of payment.

Please note that prices do not include Sales Tax.  

Thanks for SHOPPING!! 

 Above: Oquirrh Mountain Temple - Full Color any size

 Above: Oquirrh Mountain Temple - Vintage 12x30
 Above: Timpanogos Temple - Full Color 



a prayer for Landon Jonas...

I am asking all of my friends and family to offer up a prayer on Landon's behalf. 

Landon is the sweet baby boy to the gal that does my hair, Kariann.  Her family is like family to ours.  Landon is just under a month old and is has spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital with no answer as to what is wrong.  He has had fevers and pneumonia, was sent home last week to only go back this week with the return of the fevers.   They have tested and retested for everything imaginable and are coming back with zero answers.  

I couldn't imaging watching one of my sweet babies go through the things that he has already had to in such a short time here.  Its heart wrenching.  

It's hard to watch such a beautiful and kind family carry this trial.    

If you could keep them in your thoughts and prayers,  I know it would be greatly appreciated.  




 First of all...
These 3 are some of my FAVORITE peeps!  
I love them to death!
I am GRATEFUL to have them in my life {month of gratitude babay}

Meet: Logan's sister Des and her fab. hub Tom and baby Azzy!

I am so lucky to have them as family and friends!  Plus I love taking their pictures... Just look at them.  Can you say Bee-UUU-TiFUL?  

Why do I love Des?
1- she rocks as a sister in law and as a person
2- ummm... she makes friggin cute babies! 
3- she is wild and crazy 

Why do I love Tom?
1- he is honest... sometimes too much {muahahaha}
2- he is pretty funny 
3- he might look like MR. tough GUY - BUT he's not!  He can't even grow facial hair!  Luv ya Tommy!

Why do I love Azlynn?
1- well she is my niece!
2- she is always on the move
3- she has her momma's budonkadonk :)

i may have added some facial hair for the poor guy! :)

 Also - as a side note!  I am officially back in business!!  If you are interested in scheduling your family pictures with me just holla!  801.390.2288 or haylielynphoto@hotmail.com  I still have a few sessions open before CHRISTMAS but my doors will be closed Dec 15-Jan 15!  


a month of gratitude...

today is the perfect day to start a month of gratitude...
today I am very grateful for my mom and my wonderful hubby...

shortly after waking up this morning I got a horrible pain in my neck leaving me pretty worthless because I can barely move a muscle without it hurting.  This doesn't really fly when kiddos need to be cared for.  With Carea lying on the floor crying, Oaklee in the bouncer crying, and a starving 2 year old on the verge of crying ... I started to panic.  I knew Logan had interviews scheduled most of the day and would be unable to leave work so I called my mom.  Immediately she knew something was wrong.  Within 5 minutes she was here taking care of my babies and me.  Thankfully she was able to stay here until Logan got home.

we all know Logan is my knight in shining armor...  The minute he got home he came to my side to care for me.  From rubing my neck to making dinner he is determined to be there and help in any way possible.

I love him.
I love my mom.

I'm now laying here... blogging from my phone... grateful to have amazing people who care about me, my family, and are willing to serve when called upon.

here's to a month of gratitude!