whirl wind

That is my life right now...
But I LOVE IT!!  I live for adventure, doing things differently, and shooting for my dreams...

I am horrible at keeping my friends and family updated with everything going on.  I have many reasons for this but this is the just of it :-)

Husband - Yes he is in super busy mode as well ... and he loves it too!  He is so amazing...  and I am so lucky to have him.  He keeps me on my toes though.  Tonight he is playing basketball... so I decided to take a few minutes to blog... HOORAY!!  I swear tho he is what keeps me in line with everything I have going on... the days when I need encouragement he gives it, the days where I need to be brought into reality... he brings me.  He is my perfect balance... Thank goodness because lately I need a lot of balancing!! 

Larkyn - She is in dance and is learning and growing up so fast right now.  It is amazing how much she has gone from the baby stage to being a little girl.  Actually tonight she wrote some gibberish on a sticky  note and handed it to Logan and told him to text it to me.  Ha!  Who does that?  It made my  night tho!  She is my goob!  Love her more than she will ever know.  So I am thinking about putting her in swim lessons this summer?  She will be 3... is this too young?  Do I wait another year?  Any good places?  She tells me she wants to go to school all the time... and she is obsessed with buses!  Anytime she sees a bus she has to tell me all of the colors.  The other day she saw a UTA bus and was so confused.  She asked about the kids and where they were going... I had to explain the difference to her... But I am not sure if she got it.  Eh.. it was a funny conversation and that is all that matters.  

(In case everyone wonders why I blog Oaklee first... its because she was my baby A so I just go in order... weird huh)

Oaklee - this little girl is going to be the one who makes me go gray.  She is so rambunctious and into everything!  She does things impulsively too!  She is not shy at all!  She makes me laugh... she will tell you a million baby stories all day.  She likes to tickle or tackle Carea... it's quite comical too.  Her big smile melts my heart... She has such a pure laugh too.  She is crawling and standing up next to anything that she can pull herself up on.  I feel like she is going to be walking soon.  She gets afraid when tossed into the air, but she loves to be upside down....

Carea - Mommy's little girl.  I am glad I got one because Larkyn and Oaklee are both daddy's girls.  Carea is my pure hearted baby.  She is a deep thinker too!  It is so funny to watch her watch people or things to figure it out.  You can see the wheels spinning.  She isn't crawling but her methods of travel include scooting on her bum or her belly.  Her and Oaklee are extreme opposites.  Carea loves to be tossed into the air and gets super tense when upside down.  So weird!  Even their toes, noses, hands.... it's all different.  I think they both have a good mixture of Logan and I... Just opposite eachother.  Carea has attitude lately... especially when she is eating...  she will spit her food at me and just laugh... I try not to laugh so I don't encourage her... she is just too darn cute to be mad at.  Anyone who knows me knows I can't keep a serious face.  

Me - What do you want to know?  I get asked a million questions about everything.  I am a working wife, mommy, friend... There are days I feel like I do too much... But like I said before I love it!  This is the stuff that gives me my drive in life.  If I don't have a million projects I am bored.  That is so weird right?  I don't know how to relax.  I need some clones that can process my thoughts and just go go go :)   

So I went to LA for my business and that was an adventure that I will have to share another day.  It will be A GREAT first chapter in my book haha!  It was unbelievable how things fell into place... but they did.  I am still doing a lot on the business side of things... I need to make sure I have everything perfect so I get it right.  I did choose a name "Sapphire Mango Clothing Company" thanks to a neighbor who submitted it for the competition I held.  I got some great contacts there and feel like the events that happened are going to push me into the right direction.  One thing that I have really had to remember is that I am not the one in control here.  There is a plan... and it will fall into place.  Questions?  Just ask.  If I trust you enough I will let you in... :-)

Good news on temple pics I have done.  I am going to be giving the digital files away for free.. YES FREE!  You can print where ever you like!  I know I charged a few people last summer... and I am sorry... but You still got an amazing deal.  I hope there aren't any bad feelings over this.  BUT I am giving them to the church as well to use however they would like so I figured I would just give them to anyone who asks.  Just shoot me an email or call me... It might take me a few days to get them to you but I will do it!  As I travel I will continue to take pics of the temples for the Church and I will keep those images updated as well.  Tell your friends and family too!  It is so important for everyone to have some sort of temple pic in their home... even if its not where you were sealed.  

Each day is wild for me right now.  I get up around 5 am every day and stay up til 11 or later most nights.  I love that I have such a wonderful husband who is so supportive and with me to the end on this journey.  My house is a wreck most days and I don't care!  Come on over and see for yourself.  Sometimes I am embarrassed but other times I am not.  We are humans and we live in our home.  haha!  I love my calling at church.  I am the visiting teaching supervisor so I kind of get to work with the sisters in our ward again.  It is great for my schedule too!  

I know this post was random... but that is my brain these days... just random.  I just want everyone to know  how much I appreciate all the love, support, and words of encouragement I get from you... it really means a lot.  

And to those who want to crush my dreams... I say "suck it"  - no really but if you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all.  Thanks Thumper!