if you came over today....

this is what you would find

I'll be honest...
It kind of stresses me out just posting this picture
I'm learning that I can't worry so much about what people think about my messy house and my raggedy ann lookin' kids!  lol

this right here is my life... every day
I have 2 babies and a toddler who need me - their mommy
that is so much more important than cleaning, crafting, web browsing - (right now doesn't count because they are all asleep :) 

I am actually grateful for this right here
Because to someone else
this is what they have always dreamed of
kids... a messy house... piles of laundry... 

Why do I love this picture?
A true reflection of my life
my kids having fun
Its white balance is way yellow - thanks to the GREAT lighting in my house
Its super grainy - my iso was all the way to 1600
Oh and in a way... this is job security for me :)  


4 months and happy

I have decided to try to schedule blogging into my crazy life... 
and Sundays...
If I have more time other than that ... we will see if blogging makes the cut lol.  

Oaklee and Carea are 4 months old!  
They both weigh a little more than 13 lbs and Oaklee is almost an inch longer than Carea...
It's so amazing to watch 2 babies grow.  They are so different in almost every way! 
Even their growth spurts are at different times

Oaklee is a wiggle worm... literally!  She rolls and wiggles around the room... she gets frustrated a lot because I think she wants to do more than what her body will allow!  She smiles at almost everyone and it doesn't take much either.  If you look at her in the eyes... chances are you will get to see her little face light up!  Her cheeks are big and her legs have so many rolls on them!  

Carea is more serious... (just like big sister Larkyn)  She is more observant of the world around her and she will also smile at ya... but you better come prepared to work for it.  She has only rolled over twice... I honestly think it scares her.  She loves to sit in her bumbo and watch Larkyn dance around the room.  

Oaklee is on the left and Carea on the right
Both girls have been working on blowing raspberries, love to be read to, love splashing in the tub, love big sister Larkyn, of course they all admire their daddy, and they have started loving on all their toys!! 

Then there's Larkyn... She is seriously the funniest, most polite, shy, loud, crazy, dirty, princess, daddy's girl I have ever met!  She makes me laugh all the time!  I'm not just saying that either. 
Some of her great words she's learned from her mommy:
Gosh dang it Log
What the freak!  
Holy Hanna
Ahh man
I hate this
Stupid cat
Yes Ma'am
Yes Sir

I'm telling you... she will say these things at the most random times during the day to the funniest things that happen!  I should just record her for a day!  Love her!!  

She got this white/chalk board from her Gammy Carol and SHE LOVES IT!  She draws on this thing all day long!  And you better believe she wrote the alphabet!  (it definitely wasn't me or Logan)  hahaha! 

You might notice the paint on the wall behind the twins... YES I FINALLY decided on a color!  I am so excited for our walls to be a different color than the carpet!   Now I just need some more time to get it done!!  Can't wait!  I will post before and after pics of that project!!   

Happy Tuesday everyone!