snow day... well sort of

Larkyn and I decided to go shovel some walks today...  (do I totally sound like a Utahn?? haha!) 

It turned into a mini session of her!  AND she loved every minute of the picture taking!!  It's been a while since I took and edited some pictures of my own child... it was sooo fun!   I think I'll do this more often :)  

So a little bit about Larkyn... 
She loves water!  To play in it that is!!  Anytime she sees a puddle she has to jump in it to make a splash.  Well today was perfect for that since the snow was so wet and is melting super fast!  



The Painted Parlor said...

She's a doll!! When is the 'real' snow gonna come?! Crazy! What photo editing do you use? I know I've asked you this before, sorry!

Scott and Karin said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Lindsay and Mike said...

She is so cute!