Healthy update ...

I have had so many people asking me about the diet that my Dr. has me on so I figure I will give everyone a quick update.  

In case you missed it I am on the Paleo or Leptin Diet.  
I was put on this diet for health concerns and to achieve over all health.  
There are so many recipes out there for this.. just google it (I google everything haha)

First weekend I lost 6 lbs and felt a huge difference regarding my energy and just how my body felt.  I think in the last post I wrote about how I am very aware of my body.  Anyway...

As of today (2.5 weeks after starting) I am down 16 lbs.  I know that doesn't seem healthy but I eat... a lot!  I have even treated myself to a lot of dark chocolate and chilis chips and salsa (ssshhh don't tell).  I honestly just think my body had so many toxins stored up that it is just working like crazy to get rid of all of it.

Now... I know a lot of people ask me if this has been an easy adjustment and I will tell you that for the most part it has.  The first few days I did great!  I felt great and didn't really have cravings... well going into the first week and a half and this week it has been harder.  I knew this challenge would come but I have such a sweet tooth so for me it is inevitable haha!  There have been days (like today) where I have felt weak and maybe I just didn't get enough calories or something but really I think what it has to do with is my body is still making huge adjustments!  Days like today I tend to eat more dark chocolate and I tend to want to eat carbs.  I know these feelings and cravings will go away after a couple more weeks... So if you do decide to try it... STAY STRONG!  YOU WILL SEE RESULTS AND FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!  

Other noticeable changes:  

I feel happier as a human.  I have always been happy but lately I don't seem to get as stressed and if something is bothering me it takes a lot for my patience to wear.   

My hair seems thicker and growing fast!  (like it could get any thicker... right??)

My skin isn't nearly as dry as it has been and my lips have started producing natural moisture... I don't use nearly as much chapstick.  

I don't seem to sweat as much.  TMI right?  well I am a sweaty gal and lately this problem has been reduced... SIGNIFICANTLY :)  

I am sure there have been many more changes but my mind is off tonight.  

If you have any questions let me know... I am happy to help answer any!!


Jordan said...

I am so glad to hear this good news! Since reading your initial post about this, i have made an appt to see my doc. I have had some of the same symptoms, so thanks for the info!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Sounds great! Glad you are doing so well. :)