help me... if you dare :)

I am looking for some women who want to share their opinion regarding their bodies, clothing, color and confidence.  

If you could either leave a comment answering the following or shoot me an email haylielynphoto@hotmail.com I would appreciate it!

1 – Where do you struggle regarding clothing: confidence, color choice, layering, shopping or just suck at picking an outfit out period!?

2 – Are you afraid to mix colors or are you afraid to branch out into the color world?

3 – Would you ever consider having a consultant help you with wardrobe styling based on your body type and skin tones?

4 – Do you know your body type?  Are you in denial? 

5 – Would you hate someone for giving their honest opinion?

6 – What do you expect to get out of your clothing choices? 

7 – Do you like lose or fitted clothing?

8 – Do you lack confidence all around? 
9 – Do you like accessories?  Do you know how to wear accessories based on your body type?

10 - Are you reserved?  Or willing to branch out and try new styles and layering techniques? 

HAHA! Thanks for all of your input!  I am super excited to see what your responses are! 


The Things I See said...

I did it, hope you like it :)

Lee said...
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The Painted Parlor said...

I will email you tomorrow when my brain isn't dead!! This is fun! What is it for??