Haylie Lyn Photography | LDS Temple Fine Art: Special Offer

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed NOW through Dec 3rd!!!! - YOWZA!

All prices include professional printing on canvas, mount, frame and personalization.  I have chosen a 4” Tuscan vintage style of frame (see below for image), but if there is a more preferred frame I am happy to change. 
Other sizes are available upon request and if you have a specific font you would like me to use for your personalization I am HAPPY to work with YOU!  :) 



12x30 :  $158

16x20 :  $149

20x30 :  $195

How to order:

Send an email to haylielynphoto@hotmail.com with the following:  referring blog, name, address, telephone, temple and size.  I will then send you an invoice via Paypal (safe and secure!!).  Once the invoice has been paid your order will be placed.  All items will generally ship within 7-10 business days of payment.

Please note that prices do not include Sales Tax.  

Thanks for SHOPPING!! 

 Above: Oquirrh Mountain Temple - Full Color any size

 Above: Oquirrh Mountain Temple - Vintage 12x30
 Above: Timpanogos Temple - Full Color 


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Moon Family said...

These are beautiful! Nice work.